Paltalk Messenger 10.4

PalTalk 11.4 Build 562 is the new paltalk build that just came out the today. since this is a new version we just testing it to find out what's all the new stuff that it has. Some people have reported that some of the programs are not working property, so we will be updating them as soon as posible. More defenition of this new Paltalk 10.4 will be coming soon.

Paltalk Auto-Reply PM's With Color Fader v1.1

Auto-Reply PM's With Color Fader is the Paltalk PM Auto Responder with a cool new feature. With this version you can send the reply in fade color. The fades will change color as the text progresses from one side to the next. This makes the messages look better when they are send to the to people it reply too. Thanks to ChiNa-Man for allowing us to have this version in the download side ;).

Paltalk Fast Bouncer v1.0

Paltalk Fast Bouncer - Kicker is program you as a Paltalk room admin will be able to highlight the nick and quickly bounce the user from your room. You will not longer need to fill all the stuff which is required to bounce a person. It's very easy to use and you will have no issues in being able to understand that functions of the program. This program has being tested with with Paltalk 10.3.


Download Paltalk Fast Bouncer

MyPass Recovery v1.1

MyPass Recovery is a program that you can use in Paltalk to recover your password. This program is to be use in your own personal computer. It will only work if the password to be recovered is in the same HD as it's being look up on. This is another great program made by ChiNa-Man that some people actually pay for programs that do exactly the same thing, but this one is free :)

Download MyPass Recovery

Pal Locator V1.0

Pal Locator is a program that you can use to find out where the person location is in Paltalk. It has real cool features such as Flag display and more,


Download Pal Locator

Paltalk X - Profile Tool

Paltalk X - Profile Tool is a program that users in paltalk can use to fnd out the information of users. It's pretty easy to use and has a great design.

Download Paltalk X - Profile Tool

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